5 lessons from Nairobi

1. Always Seize Opportunities In one of my quiet moments while I was getting ready to leave Nairobi. I was reminded that it was a google search at the beginning of January 2013 that had led me 7,000 miles across the world. A google search that was motivated by an ambition to seize and take […]

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Thank you Barack.

“Your capacity to shape the world is unmatched.” – Barack Obama, 23rd April 2016. “Obama na win o! Chineke! Obama na win o!” 8 years ago, these were the words that my mum was screaming throughout the house, in the early hours of the morning. While CNN showed the scenes of thousands celebrating; jumping with […]

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Church Shoes

There are moments in our life that with hindsight we can easily point to and understand the impact they had on us. Be it the first time a parent holds their newborn child. The first time a teacher is able to tap into the hidden potential of one of their most disinterested students. The first time […]

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Speech to MLK Scholars (Transcript)

In January, the Amos Bursary hosted the Martin Luther King Scholars at the Linklaters Head Office. It was an insightful and inspiring evening as ambitious young people from the UK and across the pond joined together to bring solutions to very pressing questions regarding global justice. I was called to give a speech about the importance of […]

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